SMT Pallet Material

SMT Pallet Material

SMT Pallet Material S MT PALLET MATERIAL/WAVE SOLDER PALLET MATERIAL/RICOCEL SHEET DESCRIPTION: SMT Pallet Material/Wave Solder Pallet Material/Ricocel Sheet Ricocel is an ideal material for solder pallets, wave solder pallets, SMT solder pallets, SMT solder fixtures, selective solder fixtures,...

SMT Pallet Material


SMT Pallet Material,Wave Solder Pallet Material

Noves SMT pallet material is an ideal material for solder pallets, wave solder pallets, SMT solder pallets, SMT solder fixtures, selective solder fixtures, and other specialty soldering fixtures.


Thermal warpage

From the figure below, the 24 hours, 280°C continuous heating proves shows that Nove SMT pallet material has less deformation, material size:3x500x500mm


During the tooling process, the thin wall yielding rate will affect the carrier yield rate and production line life. This alternative can provide better performance and longer life.


Tool wear

With the same tooling conditions, alternative Ricocel can reduce more than 30% of tool wear.

Besides supplying the material, we can also design pallets as per client's requirement. Below information is necessary for the pallet design.

1.2D drawing(.dwg or PDF) or 3D drawing(.STEPor .IGS) of wave solder pallets

2.Gerber file of  PCB bare board+ Loaded PCB sample(PCB board with electronic components)



Product Name: Synthetic slate (carbon fiberboard) is a composite material made of glass fiber and antistatic high mechanical strength resin.

Key Features: The ability to maintain its physical properties in a temperature-increasing environment, allowing it to achieve high standards of results in wave-type soldering without distortion. In the harsh environment where the operating temperature is 350 ° C for a short time and the operating temperature is 260 ° C, the high temperature nanocomposite (synthetic stone) is not separated. Synthetic stone can improve the quality of PCBA in the wave soldering process, avoiding contamination of gold fingers or contact holes due to human touch.

Applications: Insulation test fixtures, wave soldering, reflow soldering, SMT surface mount, oven trays, tin soldering fixtures and other PCB and electronics industries.

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