Wave Soldering Fixture Materials

Wave Soldering Fixture Materials

1. Less distortion 2. Operating temperature up to 384 degree 3. Superior dimensional stability Color: black I. Description Soldering materials is a heavy-duty glass fiber reinforced plastic which offers extreme strength and excellent electrical, thermal and chemical properties. It can keep its...

1. Less distortion 
2. Operating temperature up to 384 degree 
3. Superior dimensional stability 

Color:  black


  I.  Description

Soldering materials is a heavy-duty glass fiber reinforced plastic which offers extreme strength and excellent electrical, thermal and chemical properties. It can keep its mechanical strength, smoothness and original color when continuously used under the temperature of 280°c (max. working temperature below 385 degree 10~20sec).

 II. Main Characteristic

1. Normal working temperature at 280 °C, operating temperature up to 385 °C

2. Less distortion, low thermal conductivity

3. Superior dimensional stability, Long life

4. High temperature resistance
5. Resistance to chemical corrosion

6. High mechanical strength

7.Good machinability (low density)


III. Application


1. Support thin baseboard or soft substrate circuit board

2. Carry an irregular shape solder pallet

3. Use multi-pak panel design to improve production efficiency

4. Prevent the deformation of the solder pallet during high temperature reflow soldering process

5. Smoothly surface, good endurance, applicable for Teflon spray painting

6. Avoid gold finger contamination by human contact

7. Protect bottom side SMT components during the wave soldering process

8. Prevent the deformation of the baseboard during the wave soldering process

9.  Standardized the width of the production lines, eliminate the width adjustment of the production line

10. Prevent baseboard being contaminated by the overflow of tin


Technical Data

CATOS ESD Composite Material Sheet


Anti-static CATOS 2200





Flexural Strength 3 point support⊥(Mpa)


Water Absorption(%)


Coefficient of Linear Expansion(10-6/k)


Thermal Conductivity(w/m°k)


Maximum Operating Temperature(℃)10-20 seconds


Standard Operating Temperature(℃)


Surface Resistivity(Ω)


Thermal Capacity(J/kgk)


Applicable Times(Times)


Thickness Available (mm)


Typically (mm), other thickness is available on request.


Thickness Tolerance(mm)


Flatness Tolerance(For a panel size of 300*300)




Sheet Size(mm)

 Standard size is 1020x1220,cut size is available

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