Adjustable Solder Pallets Material Of Lead-free laminate

Adjustable Solder Pallets Material Of Lead-free laminate

Adjustable Solder Pallets material of lead-free laminate NS503-Black Lead-free material is a kind of laminate sheet, it is the top grades of the material made by glass fabric and epoxy resin, it is a lead-free material Designed for who wanted to enhance productivity and reduce the loss of the products. This item can withstand the temperature more than 380 degree (10~20seconds). And keep its mechanical strength, smoothness and original color when continuously used during the temperature of 300°c .Composite materials

Supplying you with the adjustable solder pallets material of lead-free laminate quotation consultation, NOVES is one of the largest and best adjustable solder pallets material of lead-free Noves insulation material manufacturers and suppliers in China, which belongs to one of the famous such brands. Welcome to wholesale customized and high quality bulk products and get its free sample with our factory.

Adjustable Solder Pallets material of lead-free laminate

Product Features

-    Excellent chemical, resistance , High protection on chemical attack erosion

-    Excellent mechanical strength for fine machining.

-    Teflon-coating is not necessary to make up for durability or cleanability.

-    Excellent Machining properties enabling the manufacture of complex design solder pallets and fixtures

-   Excellent durability against repetitive soldering of more than 20,000-time.

-    Good resistance to chemicals used in modern fluxes

-   Excellent chemical resistance against soluble flux or pallet cleaner.

-    Conform to RoHs and Environmental Health Safety requirement

-    Excellent reliability proved by a lot of delivery records to major EMS manufacturers


For solder pallet

This site is a technical resource for all aspects of PCB solder pallet materials, from the base material to the quality of the soldered PCB.

There is exclusive access for customers to a range of technical support materials that will help improve solder pallet design, lifespan and, ultimately, the quality of the PCB.

Wave solder pallet design is important to avoid soldering defects such as, solder bridges or shorts, inadequate hole fill, solder splatter and solder flooding the PCB.

The lifespan of solder pallets depends on many factors including material choice, pallet design and process conditions. This site contains answers to many of the issues faced by the PCB assembly industry today.


How to choose the laminate material

There are different grades NOVES material for choosing,  it depend on your production requirement and your products ,the high grade material can be reuse more than 20000 times some are less , and the pricing are different too .please kindly check the “Technical Data” for choose reference or contact us for advice.

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