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Aluminium Foil Woven Best Roofing Thermal Insulation Material Waterproof

Product Description

Aluminum Foil Woven best roofing thermal insulation material waterproof

Structure: Aluminum foil/polyethylene/Pe woven
Specifications: Width(Cm)125

Length(m)100/200 1%
Norm: 90g/square meter GB/T453
Tensile strength: Endwise: 250N/25mm

Broadwise: 170N/25mm
Bursting strength: 570N Q/320281NPB02
Temperature resistance: 4 hours no decladding -30C/100C ASTM C1263

Does not contain hazardous chemicals or harmful materials that cause itching or respiratory problems.

Reflects 97% radiant heat, improves insulation system performance, energy saving.

High tensile strength Anti-abrasion, anti-aging Eco-friendly Environment-friendly Non-HCHO, TVOCs.

Light weight and easy to handle. Excellent low-cost waterproof type.

PE woven is used, you can sew it and easily install it on long-span building such as a warehouse, factory building, supper market, gym, container liner.



Aluminum foil woven fabric provides a neat appearance and reflects up to 97% heat radiant from the heat source such as the sun.

foil woven is known for its high quality and reasonable price.


There are two main applications for Tago brand aluminum foil woven:

A. Wrap air duct, air conditioning system duct, used on roof, wall, under the floor, face glass wool, rock wool as a vapor barrier and radiant barrier.

B. A New type of packing material, it can besew to make bigger width, so it is ideal as material to make a liner for container and pack big equipment preventing vapor and radiant heat to damage packed items.

Various size and thickness materials are available based on order.

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