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Epoxy Fiberglass Cloth Laminated Sheet And Wave Solder Pallet Sheet


    Wave solder pallet sheet characteristics

    A: Synthetic stone (high-temperature nanocomposite) still maintains excellent physical properties at increasing temperatures;

    B: After repeated substrate loading process, it can maintain dimensional stability and flatness:

    C: low thermal conductivity of synthetic stone (high-temperature nanocomposite) to ensure heat distribution on the substrate;

    D: By the characteristics of synthetic stone (high-temperature nanocomposite), the substrate is equipped with a jig for precision processing;

    E: The high-strength resin in the synthetic stone (high-temperature nanocomposite) can effectively block the characteristics of the flux and prevent the tin tip from being generated.


    Application of synthetic stone: range tin paste printing; SMT patch; reflow soldering; wave soldering; conformal coating; machinery; equipment; parts;


    The role of synthetic stone in the PCB assembly process

    (1) Avoid being contaminated by human touch;

    (2) reduce scrap;

    (3) Prevent PCB bowing;

    (4) Standardization of production line width;

    (5) Use multi-function fixtures to increase production capacity;

    (6) Covering the bottom SMT component to enable local welding through standard reflow equipment;


    The role of synthetic stone in wave soldering

    In an environment where the temperature is gradually increased, the physical properties can be maintained, so that the synthetic stone can achieve high standard results in the wave soldering process, and no deformation occurs. In the harsh environment of 425 degrees and 380 degrees of operating temperature for a short time, it will not cause stratification of synthetic stone (high-temperature nanocomposite); foaming; deformation, etc.

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