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Key Elements Of A Wave Solder Pallet

Ascentec Engineering specializes in designing selective wave solder pallets that enable you to take advantage of the quality and cost effective benefits of wave solder process on assemblies that require thermal or solder protection. Custom designs solve complex processes and meets unique requirements.


Key Elements of a Wave Solder Pallet:

· Wave Solder Pallets mask ground planes, gold fingers, mounting holes, and SMT components while exposing the PCB to the wave only where solder is required

· Eliminates hand gluing of SMT parts and hand masking of through-hole parts decreasing expensive manual labor, reducing defects, and eliminating the cost of polyamide tape.

· Eliminate solder skipping and reduces rework

· Improve solder flow in through hole areas

· Stiffeners – Aluminum or Composite

· Ergonomic, Durable Holddowns hold the PCB securely in place. Titanium rivets instead of steel to avoid cross contamination and prevents wicking

· Overarm Bars hold through-hole components in place also can be used as an alignment feature.

· Edge Rails – Aluminum and Titanium rails provide proper rigidity to the fixture and act as a solder dam to keep solder from flooding the PCB

· Gas Grooves and Chamfers improve access and channels gas away resulting in fewer defects. Can minimize blow hole effect to release surface tension. Act as solder guides in and out of through hole openings


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