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PCB Wave Solder Pallet Material Applications


PCB wave solder pallet material applications: insulation test fixtures, wave soldering, reflow soldering, SMT surface mount, oven trays, tin soldering fixtures, and other PCB and electronics industries.

PCB wave solder pallet material is a composite material made of sorghum nanofiber mat and high-performance epoxy resin. It has the characteristics of low heat conduction, resistance, high-temperature resistance, antistatic, light-weight and chemical corrosion resistance.

PCB wave solder pallet material, are widely used in electronics, aviation, ships, and other fields. In the field of electronic manufacturing welding protective materials, synthetic slate materials have the best choice for processing workpieces that are easy to process, have high strength requirements, and maintain the maximum bending strength of the sheet during hot and warming. Provides a durable, high temperature resistant, antistatic PCB carrier for electronic wave soldering/reflow soldering. It can maintain good mechanical strength during continuous use at 450 °C.

Synthetic slabs are fully compatible with 360-degree wave soldering/reflow soldering high-temperature processes and production needs. The performance of synthetic slate in the continuous use of high-temperature production line up to 20,000 times:

1. The normal working temperature is 280 °C, and the operating temperature can reach 380 °C. 2, small deformation. 3, good dimensional stability.

4, certified anti-static materials, anti-static index of 10 5-9 power. 5, long service life.

Synthetic slate features: It has the ability to maintain its physical properties in an environment where the temperature is gradually increased so that the synthetic stone can achieve high standard results and no deformation during the wave soldering process. In a harsh environment with a short time of 380 ° C and continuous operating temperature of 280 ° C, the base layer will not be separated. Product specifications: 3-20*1160/1220*1260/2440mm

Synthetic stone material technical parameters

Technical parameter unit

Colour: Black


g/cm31.85~1.9 compressive strength (vertical) Mpa≥340 compressive strength (parallel) Kj/m2≥50 water absorption rate%<0.20 thermal conductivity

W/m.K0.25 continuous working temperature °C≥260 intermittent working temperature °C350 linear expansion coefficient 10-6/K13 specific heat

.K<1.20 surface resistance ohms


Substrate size

Can be shipped according to customer requirements

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