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Selective Wave Soldering Pallets Are Used To Apply TH Components To Printed Circuit Boards During PCB Assembly.


Selective Wave Soldering Pallets are used to apply TH components to printed circuit boards during PCB assembly. The pallets are made of a glass epoxy insulating material. They protect the SMT components in the circuit and expose the unmasked components to wave soldering.

Wave Solder Pallets significantly streamline the circuit assembly process, eliminating the need for extensive manpower and manual labor.

Steps In the Manufacturing Process:

  • The customer’s files and a complex card are received (the original files that were prepared by the circuit editor).

  • The Planning Department opens the pallet files and inspects the card.

  • Detailed pallet files are prepared, including all the slots, dimensions, thickness, and areas that require masking of sensitive parts.

  • The files are sent to the customer for approval

  • Customer approval is received,  and the files are handed over for production

  • The raw material is milled

  • The palette is assembled by adding elements such as clamps, buttons, and bridges.

  • The pallet is manufactured and a full inspection is carried out.

Employing a similar process to wave solder pallets production, Sauron also produces jigs, trays, rebelling devices, pallets for conformal coating, and devices for press-fit.

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