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PCB wave sold pallet is a very good example to show the purpose of the Durostone material, they are the fixture for the PCB during the wave soldering process, the function of high temperature resistance is very good to protection the printed circuit boards during the production Our durostone materials offer the following features: • Good resistance to chemicals used in modern fluxes. • Maximum possible "Knife Edge" beveling of fixture openings, provides the best possible solder flow to component leads • Low thermal conductivity. • Wave Pockets and Solder Channels promote better solder flow • Pallet design keeps bottom of circuit board coplanar with the conveyor • Excellent machining properties enabling the manufacture of complex design solder pallets. • ESD composite construction protects sensitive components by providing controlled static discharge • Free PCB pocket covers provided with multi-up fixtures • Excellent mechanical properties at elevated temperatures including the lead-free process Please kindly contact us for different grade material for the wave solder pallet !
Supplying you with the wave solder pallet quotation consultation, NOVES is one of the largest and best wave solder pallet manufacturers and suppliers in China, which belongs to one of the famous such brands. Welcome to wholesale customized and high quality bulk products and get its free sample with our factory.
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